Audrey II Concept – Portland Center Stage

Audrey II Concept – Portland Center Stage

Steampunk Rebreather - 2010

Costume Design – Isaiah Landgrave

Costume Design – Kurt Beasley

Sendak Serpent – The Magic Flute – Portland Opera

Sendak Serpent – The Magic Flute – Portland Opera

Elevator Operator Marionette – Esperanza Spaulding

Mechanically enhanced Rat – Private client

Exploded Marionette – Book Project

Marionette Control Design template

La Belle A La Beté Automata designs

Mutant Vehicle project – Private client

SushiLove – Existing cart 3D model

SushiLove – Upgraded Cart 3D model

SushiLove – Cart Design

MAWD - Mobile Autonomous Worker Detail

ANDi - Autonomous Net-Dependent intelligence

MUMi - Mobile Underground Maintenance Intelligence

Warrior Stag - Private commission

Steampunk Mechanical Hare design

Lilith Hadrian marionette

Lilith Hadrian marionette - legs extended

Eve Hadrian Marionette

Wheelchair design

Dark Lord helmet design

Three dragon designs - Childrens Benadryl

Lizard Boy design - Brooks

Lizard Boy design - Brooks

Monster Design

Childrens book character design

Robot Doctor marionette design

Post Apocalyptic Urchin design

Daniel Candlewick marionette design

Hip-Hop Diva marionette design

Chocolatier marionette design

Plague Doctor DJ mask design - DJ The Apathy

Yeti design - commercial puppetry

Do Jump Circus - Ahhh Ha! Costumes

Do Jump Circus - Dog costume

GearCon Registration Booth

Digital illustration - CW-X

Set Design – Steel Factory

Set Design – The Burning Building

Set Design – Community

Set Design – The Frameworks

Set Design – Operating Theater

Set Designs – Waiting Room

Headset design - GSK Jalyn

WALDO puppet arms design


Some of the design work from behind the scenes. Most of these designs made it to final production.




Various projects


Previsualization & Ideation