Nike Skate

Nike SB Chronicles Opening Credits sequence

Wieger Van Wagingen Intro

Chet Childress Intro

Clark Hassler Intro

Daniel Shimizu Intro

Lewis Marnell Intro

Stefan Janoski Intro

Youness Amrani ntro

Grant Taylor Intro


These are intro pieces for skate boarders and title sequences created as part of the Nike skate video, ‘The SB Chronicles’.


Director – Jason Hernandez
Producer – Ike Martin
Assistant Producer – Spencer Aide
Director of Photography – Jon Humphries
Photography – David Emmite

Set Designer – Geahk Burchill

Set construction – Geahk Burchill, Theodore Holdt, Chris Truax, Nicole Gose, Nathan Goodman, Spencer Aide, Skylar Null

Puppeteers – Geahk Burchill, Nicole Gose, Chris Truax


Project Designer and Lead Fabricator


The SB Chronicles


Chain Reaction Machine