Swagman' Luck

Nancy is wary while her oblivious Joey just wants to munch

The Kangaroo, Nancy and her Joey

The Swagman packs his day of walking

Swagman gone walkabout

The Swagman stargazes by the fire

The Emu gets cozy

Cantankerous Emu

The Narrating Kookaburra

Jumbuck Booty

The Swagman stalks his dinner

The guilty Swagman is caught with the Jumbuck

The Squatter on his Thoroughbred

The Elder Sargent and nervous constable

The angry Constable

Swagman' Ghost haunts the Billabong

I was contacted in 2016 to design and build eleven marionettes for a performance based on the Australian folk song, Waltzing Mathilda by Banjo Patterson and Christina MacPherson. I then spent over eighteen months creating puppets, costumes and eventually flying to Australia to train puppeteers to present the show in Central Victoria as well as teach workshops on puppet building.

Photos by Nathan Carty


Marionette Show
Photos by Nathan Carty


Designer & Builder


Bridgeward Grove Olive & Art




Commissioned puppets